Li Guangqian, Development Research Center of the State Council: It is recommended to explore the launch of the “Government Winding” project

Babbitt News, recently, Li Guangqian, a researcher at the Information Center of the Development Research Center of the State Council, said in an interview that the blockchain should be applied to the e-government field, which is more difficult and difficult than the application of e-commerce and enterprise information. For example, the system and system design of e-government, the underlying thinking is centralized, which is contrary to the core attribute of the blockchain, namely decentralization. This has an impact on the technology choice of the blockchain. In addition, smart contracts are suitable for most scenarios, but according to relevant regulations, some e-government scenarios must be handled manually. At the same time, there is still a need for regulation in blockchain technology and industrial development. He suggested speeding up the top-level design of the e-government application blockchain and exploring the launch of the “government chaining” project. Relevant departments should unite the blockchain enterprises to establish corresponding promotion alliances. The application of blockchain technology in key areas such as drug supervision, anti-counterfeiting, and key business traceability will be mainly applied to the sandbox model in the field of financial technology to expand into some important areas of e-government.