's real-time computing power in Bitco's mining pool has been surpassed by fish ponds and coins, and its ranking has dropped to third.

Babbitt News, mining pool real-time computing power data shows that's real-time computing power of Bitcoin's mining pool has been overtaken by the fish pond and the coin printing pool. The current real-time computing power is 13010.00 PH/s, ranking has been Down to third. The coin printing pool ranked first with 15723.00 PH/s real-time computing power; Yuchi ranked second with real-time computing power of 14938.25 PH/s. In addition, mining pool computing power share ratio on the 7th data shows that mining pool computing power share ranking has also dropped to third, accounting for 15.3%; fish ponds with a 17.6% share First; the coin-printed pool is temporarily ranked second with a 16% share of computing power.