Coin's Research Institute: Ethereum's use of PoS on the eve of the eve, the blockchain industry's position rebate is on the rise

Babbitt News, a new research report released by the Institute of Credit Research, said that at present, in the cryptocurrency activities, the amount of position rebates accounted for 8 billion US dollars, and all cryptocurrency tokens with a total value of 15.4 billion US dollars can be used to repay the position. Many well-known cryptocurrency platforms are carrying out position rebates, and the popularity of the event is getting higher and higher. The Coin Research Institute expects that once Ethereum, the world's second-largest cryptocurrency, launches a position rebate, the total amount of position rebate activity will be more than twice the current level. The Coin Research Institute pointed out: "As Ethereum is about to switch to the Proof of Interest (PoS) mechanism, it is expected that the position rebate will attract strong market attention. As more infrastructure industry participants support the position rebate, the entire ecosystem will To mature."