State Administration of Radio and Television: Make full use of technologies such as blockchain to enable network audiovisual e-commerce to better serve the grassroots and serve the masses

Babbitt News, the State Administration of Radio and Television released today "Notice on Strengthening the Online Audiovisual E-Commerce Live Programs and Advertising Program Management during the 'Double 11' Period". It is required that all network audio-visual program service organizations should actively serve the overall strategy of national economic and social development. At present, it is necessary to respond to the major deployment of the country's poverty alleviation. Through live e-commerce and short video, the network audio-visual e-commerce service will become a poor country. An important channel for products, expanding coverage and influence, and helping the industry to alleviate poverty. Make full use of new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc., aiming at the characteristics of different poverty-stricken areas and the masses, and accurately pushing poverty alleviation products to users with needs, so that network audio-visual e-commerce can better serve the grassroots and serve the masses.