The founder of IRISnet is a guest of Shanghai People's Radio Station. The live dialogue "blockchain, how much do you know?"

On November 1st, Chairman of Shanghai Border Intelligence and founder of IRISnet, Qi Haifeng, was invited to participate in the China News column “Citizens and Society” under Shanghai People’s Broadcasting Station, and the chief host of Shanghai Radio, National Golden Microphone Qin Chang, Shanghai District Ma Xiaofeng, director of the Blockchain Technology Research Center, broadcasted the dialogue "Blockchain, how much do you know?" Yan Haifeng said in the program: Blockchain is a solution that combines existing technologies: point-to-point distributed networks, cryptography, and key special data structures. Summarizing the blockchain in one sentence is: distributed and trusted shared ledger. In addition, as a blockchain industry practitioners should be self-disciplined, do a good job of technology, do not want technology hotspots to be speculated by speculators. In addition to medical big data and artificial intelligence, border intelligence is still doing this advanced field of cross-chain technology.