Wu Jihan: The Jank group’s silence insider is untrue, and some people take the opportunity to intensify the contradiction between the two.

On the afternoon of November 1, a domestic media published an exclusive manuscript. The manuscript said that on October 29th, the founder of Bitland, Wu Jihan, said, “I must come back to save this company!” After the heavyweight of the mainland, the reason for the Jank group to remain silent is: or involved in the property of the company.

The article wrote that insiders close to Bitcoin said in an interview with the reporter: "Bitland is tracking down the Jenke regiment and its team's occupation of company positions and property. We suspect that this is the bit of mainland China. After weighing all the duties of the Jank group, the Jank group has always kept the core reason for silence."

The article also outlines a lot of event details, such as.

"When Wu Jihan controlled the company's books and audits, he may have found evidence that the Jenke group had misappropriated the company's property, including squandering the company's property and financial encroachment. Because of the handle, the Jank group and his team had to remain silent."

“The Jank Group bought a house in Fujian to buy the island and donated the company’s property to local classmates and friends.”

At 9:15 on the evening of the 1st, Wu Jihan's own WeChat forwarded the article. His performance was very angry. He thought that someone took the opportunity to engage in things and intensified internal contradictions in the Bitumn.

He said: "The news is not true, there is a suspicion of malicious intensification of contradictions. The accumulation of contradictions between me and the gram group, and historically there are people who continue to provoke. Under the pattern of two co-founders, there are always people who can't avoid the fire. Let's do something! Next, our corporate governance lawyers are more competitive inside and outside the country. Bitcoin is destined to become a classic case of corporate control in the history of business. There is no need to do so in the text. Buying a house to buy a building People are completely smashed."

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Event review:

At noon on the 29th, an internal mail of Wu Jihan, the founder of Bitland, was exposed.

According to the e-mail, "all the duties of the Jenke group on Bitland will be released immediately." Moreover, the e-mail ordered the employees of Bitian to stop executing the instructions of the Jenke group and not participate in the meetings they convened.

After that, Wu Jihan was excited at the staff meeting on October 29. He told employees that the Jank group would be banned from entering the Bitland Company office and “transformed” the HR department of Bitian. "I have to come back to save this company," he said.

As early as 28th, Beijing Bittland Technology Co., Ltd. had a major change in business and industry on October 28 (Monday). The Jank Group retired as an executive director and continued to serve as manager. At the same time, the legal representative was transformed from Wu Kequ to Wu Jihan, and the executive director was also transferred to Wu Jihan.

Jenke and Wu Jihan are the founders of Bitco. They co-founded Bitcoin in 2013 and jointly served as the company's joint board chairman and co-CEO, responsible for the company's overall strategic planning and business policy.

In 2018, the conflict between Wu Jihan and the Jenke Group began to appear in the media, and the two had serious differences on the development direction of the Bitian continent.

Wu Jihan is obviously more willing to let Bitcoin continue to deepen the mining and currency circles. On the one hand, it will continue to develop mining machines, on the other hand, it will lay out BCH and develop digital currency-related businesses. The Jenke Group is looking forward to the transformation of Bitland to the chip company.

This contradiction broke out for the first time in March 2019. As a result, both of them resigned from the company's joint CEO position, and the company's former top management, Wang Hai, took over as CEO. Since then, the Jank Group has become the head of the company as the chairman of the company, and Wu Jihan has gradually faded out of public view. Wu Jihan left the Bittland and focused on the development of the new company Matrixport.

After the incident, Bit China announced that it would return to its original heart, focus on its main business, and develop in an orderly manner. However, Wu Jihan also responded that he would not give up the AI ​​business.