Micro-Bank related person: Apply blockchain to liquidation to achieve zero error

On November 2nd, the front page of the Securities Times published the article "Always wary of illegal crimes in the name of the blockchain." The article said that the Xiangcheng District People's Court in Suzhou recently tried a case of using the blockchain concept to carry out fraud. The suspects used the excuse of preparing for the issue of currency and having huge value-added space in the future, and defrauded dozens of victims for 2.47 million yuan. This reminds us that when the state proposes to use blockchain technology as the focus of innovation, it is necessary to prevent some unscrupulous people from deliberately misinterpreting the meaning of the policy and even using the concept of blockchain to conduct fraudulent activities. The state regards the blockchain as the focus of innovation. It is not to encourage the blowing of various virtual economy bubbles, nor to encourage various scams. The state attaches great importance to the advancement of blockchain technology, and ultimately to let it serve the real economy. Those who are arrogant in the tiger's skin, or who deliberately recite the chanting, should always be vigilant.