Report: 21.6% of Bitcoin has not been transferred for at least 5 years, a record high

According to a report by professional research firm Delphi Digital, new Bitcoin investors (holding Bitcoin for 1-3 months) triggered a sharp fall in bitcoin in October. In the few days after the sell-off, investors holding the time between 6-12 months and 12-18 months have changed, and the inflow of the exchange has increased accordingly. Although the price fluctuates greatly, this year's long-term holders have no action. The proportion that did not change for at least one year was 55.6% at the beginning of the year, reaching a peak of 60.8% at the end of April, currently at 58.3%. The number of bitcoins that have not moved for at least two years currently accounts for 38.7% of the total circulation supply, up from 34.6% at the beginning of the year. 21.6% of Bitcoin has not changed for at least five years, a record high, and has increased by 1.1% so far this year.