The early morning hosting agency Xapo initiated 5 huge transfers, with a maximum single amount of 20,000 BTC

Beijing chain chain monitoring system found that in the early morning of November 2, Beijing time, bitcoin transactions were frequent. Among them, at 05:10:38, the famous digital money custodian Xapo initiated 5 huge transfers, with a maximum single amount of 20,000. A total of BTC, a total of 65,822.01 BTC. Many of these BTCs originated from the transfer of 4,999 to 10,000 BTCs generated by the collection of Xapo on the bitcoin chain at 03:19:49 and 03:32:12 in the morning. It is worth mentioning that a 5000BTC transfer initiated by the beginning of 37whD5, the main source of BTC is the Bitstamp exchange, after the exchange announced that its custodian will switch to BitGo, and has already carried out on October 15th. A huge transfer of more than 110,000 BTCs. At 4:53:20 in the morning, 3AdpZc initiated a transfer of 5000BTC to the exchange Poloniex. After analysis, the source can be traced back to the BTC of Poloniex in March 2016. Usually, the huge amount of money transferred by the organization comes from the business itself or the needs of the customers, and sometimes it is only the planned wallet finishing work. From this year's situation, most of them occurred in the early hours of Beijing time.