PeckShield: BSV rollback is a side effect caused by supporting large blocks, not an attack event.

About the BSV blockchain last night, there were six rollbacks at the block height of 578640. Jeff Liu, head of the PeckShield Silicon Valley R&D Center, said that the reason for the BSV rollback phenomenon is a side effect of BSV support for large blocks. Not a 51% attack. Since the main chain generates a very large block and takes a long time, other miners may dig out a small number of small blocks and become a new main chain, thus causing a BSV block rollback phenomenon. In addition, the current normal transaction volume in the BSV chain is actually very small, and the block will not cause rollback. The oversized block is artificially created, and most of them are garbage transactions. The exchange can increase the number of BSV chain confirmation blocks to cope with the resulting rollback.