Analysis: Futures market long-term spillover of 9.52%, domestic public-chain contract transactions

BFX.NU researcher said that the long-term spillover of the futures market today was about 9.52%, which was balanced with the previous two days. From the perspective of market activity, domestic public-chain projects such as BTM, ONT, NEO, QTUM and other contracts There was a transaction change, or the BTM led the gains in the afternoon. In the mainstream currency futures sector, 14 contracts such as NAS, ZEC, ELF and DASH have obvious short-term Masukura, while NEO, EOS, ADA and other 7 contracts have shown a trend of lightening the position; in the platform currency futures sector, the HT contract has added 16.7 million for a short time. Open positions, while BNB and OKB contracts are in a short-term lightening position, and all three types of contracts are in a short position.