NUChain nuclear chain Thailand operation center completed, NUX exchange unveiled

On the morning of November 1, the opening ceremony of the NUChain Nuclear Chain Thailand Operation Center and NUX Exchange was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Wu Nanjiang, Zhao Huaguo, Huang Lianjin, Shadow Wu. Cai Zhichuan, John Lexra and other guests witnessed the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation signing ceremony of the Nuclear Cluster Foundation and the overseas Hongmen Cultural Exchange Center and the official unveiling ceremony of the NUX Exchange.
The central bank's digital currency has driven three levels of market demand: the underlying technology layer, the operational layer, and the data application layer, which have spawned new application scenarios and ecological models. Adhering to the initial goal of “solving the first mile of the blockchain and realizing the last mile of the blockchain”, the nuclear chain research and development team has been working on the products for many years, and is looking forward to providing excellent solutions for mobile payment and landing applications. . The completion of the NUChain nuclear chain Bangkok operation center also achieved the first step in the global development of the NUChain nuclear chain.