OKEx will go offline at 18 o'clock on November 4, ADA/OKB and other 18 TOKEN trading pairs

According to the official announcement of OKEx, the OKEx platform will reduce the TOKEN transaction pairs of all trading areas with low liquidity and trading volume. The OKEx platform will officially decommission 18 trading pairs such as QTUM/OKB, QUN/ETH and ADA/OKB at 12:00 on November 4. During this period, if the order is not cancelled after the offline, the pending order system will automatically cancel the order and the relevant assets will be returned to the trading account. Users holding ZCO and TRA need to withdraw TOKEN to a supported wallet or other platform as soon as possible. OKEx will suspend the ZCO and TRA for the 1CO on November 15th, and does not support the subsequent main network switching of ZCO and TRA projects. And exchange money work.