The frozen soil of the currency circle is rapidly thawed.

All along, the blockchain ecology has become an inseparable coin circle and chain circle that has been artificially cut, forming a completely different yin and yang world. The chain is strongly supported by the regulatory authorities, but the currency circle has always been a topic of indiscriminateness. The practitioners of the currency circle have always been low-key convergence, and the style of work is like an underground worker. The retail investors are also tempted to buy a coin.


Even after the blockchain technology has risen to the national strategy, the currency circle has not been happy with it, and it has been beaten by relevant departments from time to time, and the words of vigilance are endless. as follows:

News 1: On October 31, Xinhua News Agency published "The blockchain comes from the wind, how is the safety net densely woven?

News 2: On October 31, the Economic Daily published an article "Mo Ru blockchain technology became the gimmick of speculation"

From the perspective of the consciousness conveyed by the mainstream media, the long march of the currency circle seems to be far from over, and the bright days are far away. Is this really true?

Feng Qingping noticed the recent news and found the following.

Viewpoint video

News 3: At 21:30 on October 30th, CCTV International Channel CGTN "Viewpoint" program was aired. Chinese technology public chain leader IOST co-founder Terry and University of International Business and Economics economics professor Gong Yi were invited as guests to participate in the interview.

News 4: On November 1st, Chairman of Shanghai Border Intelligence and founder of IRISnet, Qi Haifeng, was invited to participate in the China News column “Citizens and Society” under Shanghai People’s Broadcasting Station, and the chief host of Shanghai Radio, National Golden Microphone Qin Chang Ma Xiaofeng, director of the Shanghai Blockchain Technology Research Center, broadcasted the dialogue “Blockchain, how much do you know?”.

Friends who have been immersed in the blockchain industry know that the blockchain projects represented by the above two founders have indeed issued coins. According to China’s existing regulatory system, they all use The mainstay of the ISCO method of financing, especially the IOST project, has been unable to clarify the relationship with the Dora printing team, and the rumors that the top VC team endorsed bloodsucking 4 billion are still endless. In other words, the two protagonists exposed under the spotlight, despite the innovator title of blockchain technology, can also be a complex historical background, well-deserved coin MG.

However, nowadays, it has become the spokesperson of blockchain technology and has been preached to the public. We know that CCTV International Channel CGTN "Viewpoint" and the China News column "Citizens and Society" under Shanghai People's Broadcasting Station are all party media mouthpieces. Now we put down our prejudice and change our past attitudes to treat our guests. This move is open. The history of the first river, the significance is extremely important, pondering the meaning, Feng Qingping feels profound.

At a time when the blockchain industry is rapidly becoming a potential overheated investment field, relevant institutions frequently give guidance to the irrational behavior of the public, and it is necessary to set up a security fence. Therefore, it is understandable to extend the banned atmosphere of the currency circle, but from The above information shows that the indiscriminate nature of the distributed ledger and the pass-through economic system of blockchain technology should attract enough attention from the regulatory authorities. Under the long-held supervision system, the representative of the party media mouthpiece is represented. Good behavior reflects that the frozen soil of the currency circle seems to have signs of loosening and disintegration.

The representatives of these two currency circles are actually the epitome and model of countless blockchain entrepreneurial projects. Their trajectory is also the development process of the currency circle. For their identity identification and advertised, invisible, for the currency circle, To positive promotion and confidence boost.

As stated in the article "Zhejiang Daily" should publish the blockchain technology in an orderly manner, the blockchain technology will have growth in the future, and it also means risk. It is only based on the principle of full penetration and fully absorbs the basis of professional opinions. On the other hand, you can manage it and manage it well. The blockchain technology innovation scenario can also bring risks to the country's political security, sovereign security, financial security, etc., and needs to be considered before. The article proposes that for local governments, there must be both rigidity and flexibility in supervision.


Feng Qingping believes that this article is a tribute to the regulatory system environment required for the development of blockchain technology. There are both appeals and reminders, both for local government and for high-level advice.

What is rigidity? What is flexibility?

On September 4, 2017, a paper document that originated from the 94th wave of the "Great Earthquake" in the currency circle – the "Announcement on Preventing the Risk of Subsidy Issuance Financing" jointly issued by the Central Bank and the 7 members, such as the same knife-cutting rule, is rigid management. At the sensitive moment that makes the Bitcoin global network a domestic financial transfer channel that is prone to financial systemic risks, it is a smart move to kill and decide. However, with the recent international competition in the financial industry and the maturity of the overall domestic blockchain environment, it is finally time to talk about flexible management.

Blockchain technology ushers in the current golden window of development, and the integrated economic system that is integrated with the blockchain ecosystem, if there is no flexible regulatory policy environment, where is the road? The general economic system is the blood of the blockchain ecological network. Just as finance is the blood of the real economy, this is the theoretical basis for the flexible development of the currency circle.

How to develop elastically?

If you let go, it will lead to a wide range of overheated investment and scams, resulting in extremely bad social impact. Then, only bold assumptions, small-scale trial and error, batch and regional release. In terms of specific measures, the regulatory sandbox experiment pioneer zone was established for the currency issue of the source of the currency circle, and the STO was included in the scope of supervision such as the Securities Law.

The ICO, which plays a financing role, has always been the source of crime and fraud. It has also evolved into a form such as IEO. Through the regulatory system, it has been transformed into STO, and legal and orderly regulatory measures have been established on the issuance of currency. Control, then the circulation, trading, storage and evolution of derivatives in the subsequent links will naturally be incorporated into the sunshine of supervision in the rise of a thousand miles. At the same time, the corresponding action of the regulatory authorities is that the regulatory legal system for the blockchain will need to be quickly complemented.

From this we can conclude that the Chinese government has promoted the blockchain technology to a strategic position, and established China’s first-mover advantage in the complicated global competition pattern, but within the internal power of China’s national horse racing. In the competitive landscape, the encouraging development of blockchain technology is the same, there is no difference, only the sensitivity and importance relationship of the good currency circle should be dealt with first, and the local government that is suitable for proper and timely supervision system may be established first in the country. The first-mover advantage and the depression effect finally form a moat for the development of the local blockchain industry, which has sprung up in the economic and ecological competition pattern of many cities. In essence, it is the mode of thinking that establishes the intensity of development, and the reform system establishes the competitive advantage of the future.

If the era of flexible regulation for the currency circle comes, then the expected currency standard will really shine into reality, and the head items of the wallet, exchange, asset management and maintenance of the currency circle will be affected. The favor of capital. The sense of smell of capital is sensitive, and the slight fluctuations in the currency circle will not escape the attention of institutional investors. The following one of the Babbit news should prove this.

QQ screenshot 20191102102614

According to people close to the transaction, China Merchants Bank's wholly-owned subsidiary, China Merchants Bank, has already completed its investment in the well-known blockchain wallet enterprise.

China Merchants Bank is China's fifth-largest bank, and Hong Kong-based is Asia's largest blockchain wallet, a product of the uncompromising currency. The combination of the two is likely to form a beautiful indication and a high probability prophecy for the future prospects of the currency circle.

The currency circle is accompanied by the integration of blockchain technology, and the happy time of the fruit is just around the corner. In the future, from the efforts of the past efforts to earn money, the goal will be transitioned to the new era of concentrating on making money, and some investors will interpret the scene of all the currency. In the face of the glory of the currency circle, what are the precautions for the blockchain project of the current currency, and the clear sky after the stagnation?

Feng Qingping believes that in many compliance regulatory measures, in addition to entrepreneurial positioning must closely follow the development of the surrounding and the real economy, the information disclosure system is also a very critical action, especially for the series of information disclosure of the issue of financing The system should be one of the main criteria for measuring the quality of a blockchain entrepreneurship project .

First of all, from the thoughts and behaviors, preconceived, consider yourself as a listed company to constrain and act, and regularly disclose technical progress and use of funds. This kind of disclosure is not a single-line project promotion situation, but also includes technical, community, capital, and landing. Before using technology to conclude trust, we will use actions to conclude a good relationship of trust with the regulatory authorities. At the same time, we will also form a healthy and regular institutional arrangement for the upcoming blockchain project.

Although many blockchain projects have announced the address of the team holding the currency, but whether the address can be honestly locked, and whether there is a clear unique relationship with other addresses, etc., can not be guaranteed, so that investors can see the dazzling between these addresses It is urgent to build a wall, install a safe, establish a standardized and standardized transparency of the use of token management and maintenance, to ensure that the regulatory layer is assured, so that investors can be assured and the stakeholders of the ecosystem can be assured. Eliminate the chaos of financing in order to circle money.

General Secretary Xi proposed that the application of blockchain technology has been extended to digital finance, Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, digital asset trading and other fields. Only industry self-discipline can accelerate the early arrival of digital asset trading compliance.

In summary, Feng Qingping is convinced that the spring of the chain has arrived, and the spring of the currency circle is also on the road. It will not be long. The moment when the currency circle and the chain circle are separated for a long time, will return, returning to smile, plum blossom, spring in the branches The head is already very. Finally, write down the latest regulatory opinions on the other side of the ocean and feel the pressure and rhythm of the world:

According to Cointelegraph, two US lawmakers Patrick McHenry and Warren Davidson encouraged BTC-based innovation on the occasion of the 11th anniversary of the Bitcoin White Paper, and urged the US authorities not to stifle this new technology in tweets. Policy makers should Promote the development of new technologies. “11 years ago, this anonymous white paper offered unlimited possibilities for technological innovation and privacy protection, and it is time for the United States to take advantage of this potential and build a framework for US blockchain innovators.”