Seven party media released 62 blockchain reports a week: Xinhua News Agency issued the most, People's Daily is the most concerned about data and industry

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After Xinhua News Agency published the relevant content of the blockchain "learning speech" on October 25th, the blockchain boom began and spread from top to bottom. Traditional media that have rarely mentioned the topic of blockchain in the past, and even the party media have begun to report blockchain technology and applications in large numbers, and have published many comments on the blockchain.

Mutual chain pulse statistics reported on the seven major platforms of People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, China Daily, China National Radio, and CCTV. Statistics on topics selected by various media, high-frequency words, etc. Mutual chain pulse observation: data, innovation, security, digital currency, and finance are topics that these media are particularly focused on.

From science to application, from industry to digital currency, the party media fully traces the blockchain

Inter-chain pulse incomplete statistics The above-mentioned media released from the evening of October 25th to November 1st, the title contains "blockchain" text reports, audio and video, graphics, a total of 62 articles.

Among them, Xinhua News Agency (including Xinhuanet and Xinhua Daily Telegraph) issued the most articles, with 16 articles; Guangming Daily (including issued 15 articles; CCTV (including CCTV and CCTV Finance) published 15 videos and text reports; The daily newspaper (including People's Daily, etc.) released 7 articles; the Economic Daily (including China Economic Net) released 5 articles; the Central People's Broadcasting Station has 3 reports; the China Daily Network has 1 article.

According to the statistics of online word frequency statistics tools, and after the basic vocabulary such as “blockchain”, “blockchain technology” and “technology” are removed, different media have obvious differences in the focus of blockchain technology.

People's Network Keywords: Data, Industry, Internet

Most of the reports of the People’s Daily are popular and commentary. There are applications and data on the perspective of science popularization, and the comments mainly focus on the future development of the blockchain. Therefore, the key words of the People’s Daily are: data, industry, internet, business, and innovation.

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For example, on October 28, the People’s Daily published a comment that “The blockchain is difficult to understand? The commentator told you to listen." When interpreting the blockchain, the article mentions that from the application perspective, the blockchain is defined as a distributed shared ledger and database. At the same time, it takes a lot of pen and ink to enumerate the application scenarios of the blockchain, including: deposit, sharing, trust, and collaboration. This article also ends with a warning:

"The blockchain technology is accompanied by cryptocurrencies, but blockchain technology innovation does not mean speculating virtual currency. It should prevent the use of blockchain to issue virtual currency and speculate on air currency."

On October 31, the commentary article "Sheng Ben Qingyuan: Why Blockchain is a New Information Revolution", starting from the data processing method of blockchain, compares the data processing methods with the traditional information system, and then explains this. How different will have a huge optimization effect on production relationships and business processes.

In addition, the graphic published by the People’s Daily’s official Weibo “has heard that the blockchain is on fire again? #人话版块块链知识点#Learn about it, and the "blockchain, how much do you know" article published by People's Daily, all use the graphic method to explain the blockchain, triggering multiple media communication, blockchain Education is of obvious significance.

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Xinhua News Agency Keywords: Security, Data, Innovation

Xinhua News Agency was the first to report the 10.24 study speech. From the following few reports, Xinhua News Agency first focused on the future development of the blockchain industry. For example, an expert commentary was published on October 26, pointing out that China's blockchain industry has broad prospects for development; on October 29th, the commentary "Don't let the wind of speculation interfere with the healthy development of blockchain" is intended to clear the environment for the development of blockchain.

At the same time, Xinhua News Agency is also very concerned about the news of the blockchain industry in recent days. For example, A-shares will go up, Jianan Canaan submits IPO prospectus, and concentrate on the results of China's existing blockchain industry, such as the application of blockchain application in China's Xiong'an New District, and the trade finance blockchain of the People's Bank of China. The platform business volume and Shenzhen blockchain electronic invoices have exceeded 10 million.

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Mutual chain pulse search The high-frequency words reported by Xinhua News Agency are: security, data, and innovation. Many of his articles mention the security issues that blockchain technology will encounter in its application and how to solve it. In addition, Xinhua News Agency also issued a special comment, pointing out that blockchain technology can be used to innovate and develop other areas of business, such as promoting government service innovation.

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Guangming Daily Keywords: numbers, fields, transactions

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Guangming Daily’s focus is on the application of blockchains in the digital economy era. On October 27th, he published an article titled “Promoting Digital Finance Development with Blockchain” and published an article on “On the Blockchain of the Digital Economy Era” on the 29th. Guangming Daily also pays attention to the empowerment of small and medium-sized enterprises in the judicial field, the people's livelihood field, and the blockchain in the supply chain.

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The Central People’s Broadcasting Station focuses on technology, and CCTV reports on economic events.

Among the three articles published by the Central People’s Broadcasting Station in the past week, the first article pointed out that the blockchain ushered in favorable policies and became an important breakthrough for core technological innovation. After that, reported that the first blockchain dual-creation certificate was issued in Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology; and the speech of the block of the blockchain supervision by Chen Chun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The number of related news released by CCTV is more than 15 pieces, many of which report on stock market changes caused by blockchain. In addition, CCTV also released a number of videos to carry out blockchain technology and application of science.

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China Daily has repeatedly mentioned Libra and Zuckerberg, and the Economic Daily has studied the blockchain financial application.

The China Daily published an article on the blockchain and digital currency, what you need to know on October 29th. The text refers to digital currency 21 times, Libra is mentioned 6 times, and Zuckerberg mentions 4 times.

This article explains the difference between the central bank's digital currency and Libra: Digital Bank Electronic Payment is a new encrypted electronic money system based on blockchain technology. In other words, the blockchain is a digital currency. The underlying technology foundation. And think that the Libra project is an attempt by American technology giants to try to get back in the digital currency era.

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The economic daily topics are all concentrated in the economic and financial fields, so it involves the application of financial segments, such as supply chain financial applications, blockchains in the field of public welfare poverty alleviation and universal insurance.

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Overall, the mainstream media has completed the science of blockchain concepts in terms of technology, application, and policy over the past week. It also reports the application status of China's blockchain more comprehensively, and invites experts to propose plans and suggestions for the future development of the blockchain. The popularity of new technologies often requires a lot of energy, and the blockchain discussion boom initiated by the mainstream media will undoubtedly push the blockchain technology to better.

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