Market Analysis: The long-term offensive is gradually strengthening, and BTC is waiting for a key outbreak opportunity.

Yesterday, the BTC trend stabilized after the 8200 line stabilized. It broke the upward trend again. The above resistance broke out and the trend rose to the 9370 position. It also released the recent long-term sentiment, but the breakthrough was not strong and failed to break through. The 9400's high resistance position caused the follow-up trend to be blocked in the four-hour Bollinger Band, and continued to suffer from the suppression of the above shorts. The trend was further compressed below the 9300 line. The short-term trend is reducing the amount of energy, and there is further downward extension. trend.

On the BTC daily chart, yesterday's second upswing also stabilized the 5-day moving average, and the author's suggestion was fully verified. The follow-up market will follow the author's ideas and follow up in the near future. The friend also grabbed the ideal income in this wave market very smoothly. The 10-day moving average runs upwards and intersects the 5-day moving average at 9200. The long-term support moves up, so the short-term trend is likely to be in the adjustment process. When the area is completed, the opening of the Bollinger Band is still open upwards, and there is a posture of continuing to rise upwards. The follow-up also has the potential for explosion. The MACD of the figure is running above the 0 axis, and the STOCH indicator and the RSI indicator are running at 50 levels. The posture, the trend is in the upward trend of the shock, the follow-up will continue to erupt upward, the operation suggestion is more than the main callback, supplemented by the high position and the air, the current high level is blocked signs, in the short cycle, the adjustment will be At present, a dominant rhythm, grasp the low point, wait for the formation of the upside, the operation suggestion to follow the 9200-9100 area to see more than 9400, strictly with a good stop loss Ensure safe and effective revenue assurance.

ETH yesterday broke through to the 5th moving average yesterday. Today's pressure is increasing. It is back to the 5-day moving average, and the rebound momentum is lacking. The trend is in a suppressed posture. After the early morning attack to the 185 resistance area, the quantity can not continue. In the rhythm of the bullish market, the situation is in a rhythm of the short market. The Bollinger Band is in a parallel posture. The market has not yet gone out, and the trend is still in the shock zone. The MACD indicator in the chart is running upwards, and there is still a tendency to continue to rise upwards. STOCH indicator If the level is near the 50 level, then the follow-up trend will be in the upward trend of the shock. The operation suggestion is more to the callback. Follow the 180-181 to follow the 185 position. If you can break through, you will see 188- 190 location.

LTC's recent trend has been vying around the 5-day moving average. The previous day's trend was further downward test on the 5-day moving average. Yesterday's trend in the 10-day moving average support rebounded and returned to the 5-day moving average adjustment, and today is still adjusting around the 5-day moving average. The short-term market sentiment was sluggish and failed to give better support momentum. As a result, the follow-up needs to be adjusted to give a good chance to break out. The MACD indicator is running upwards, the RSI indicator remains parallel, and the trend is on the ups and downs. In the trend, the operation suggestion is more than a single callback, focusing on the 58-55 regional support below, and the 60-62 resistance area above.