Looking forward to "application. Unbounded" – 2019 Wuzhen blockchain conference forward-looking

"Application. Unbounded", this is the theme of this year's Babbitt Wuzhen blockchain conference, not only "application", but also "unbounded", cutting the key, the value gets a deep understanding on the spot!

The blockchain technology that can't be “applied” is meaningless in the air. The blockchain application of “Bounded by the City” is just a traditional application, and it can't fully exploit the innovative value of blockchain technology.

Therefore, "application" and "unbounded" are the two key points that promote the popularization of the blockchain, and they are indispensable. The real blockchain Killer application is definitely not a “environmental, control” model, and it must be an innovative model of peer-to-peer openness and value interoperability.

Recall that last year's Wuzhen Conference theme was "seeing the future", and made a good shot for the downturn in the bull market. "After the future trend, we can safely adhere to the present", this is also PPk technology. The important gains shared by the community at the time of the meeting (see https://www.8btc.com/article/229685 ). In Wuzhen last year, the site was able to feel that the main focus of many practitioners and investors was on the short-selling and quick-selling profit-making model. It did not value whether it could achieve the long-term reasonable return from the actual use value, indicating that many people are similar. The 17-year-old speculative air model still has a lot of fantasies. The short-lived bear market has not erased these speculative impulses, and it is hard to say that it really bottoms out. Sure enough, from June to the end of the conference, the market continued to fall, and many practitioners left the scene. Only friends who saw the trend of blockchain technology could survive the cold current and insist on the market recovery at the beginning of the year. The current policy is good.

At present, the application trend of blockchain technology has appeared, but the actual application scenarios and effects are still very limited, and still need more trials. While insisting on exploring the past, it is worthwhile to choose “single fight alone” or “collecting cooperation”. Considered.

Last year, Wuzhen Blockchain Conference invited many heavyweight guests, and there were many visitors and projects on site. At that time, members of the PPk community also exchanged ideas on various project booths. Each of these projects had its own characteristics, but it was a bit familiar with the taste. I felt that most blockchain projects still stayed in the blockchain LAN mentality, although the district was used. Blockchain technology, but the core business logic still does not get rid of the traditional Internet's siege control mode. Simply put, the information flow lacks the openness of cross-chain and cross-system. Once the user chooses, it is difficult to freely switch to another home. The blockchain is just a piece of leather. A stamp is the original shape, mainly for the issue of the currency issued by the blockchain. In fact, it can be done with traditional IT technology, even more mature and better.

With the recovery of the market this year, the CrossChain project represented by Cosmos and Polkadot has become a new hotspot. The Oracle technology for solving the gap between the chain and the world outside the chain has also developed rapidly. There are many ChainLink, Band, etc. A technical solution, these indicate that more friends in the industry have seen that they are exerting and promoting in different areas of focus, and the originally separated "block islands" have evolved into "blockchain networks."  

Compared with the initial simplistic bitcoin, the current blockchain technology has been greatly enriched, with a multi-modal public chain carrying "Coin/coin" or "Token/token or pass", and a coin-free alliance chain. . Between the different coin chains, it is not the “dark forest” of “you die and live”. It can be “breaking the boundary” and “connecting” through standard protocols such as open universal identification and transmission, and each combination can be applied. Bitcoin is “ Roots, the public chain is the "branch", the alliance chain is "flowers and fruit", combined with the development of more emerging technology fields, to build a new "value Internet" ecology of multi-layer cooperation.

When the PPk technology community was launched in 2014, it was believed that in the development process of blockchain technology, the blockchain islands that are now separated will be interconnected to construct an ecological world of multi-level and multi-dimensional cooperation. Based on an open, universal chain-based identity, further definition of peer-to-peer trusted transport and application protocols, such as interoperability standard protocols between blockchain applications and digital assets, will be the key to driving "applications. Unbounded" This is also the unique thinking and development route of our PPk technology community (see some previous sharing: https://www.8btc.com/article/86162 , https://www.chainnode.com/post/271717, etc.) This time, I was also invited to share practical cases in the conference than the original public chain activities, to explore the application of the combination, and to welcome attention and exchange.

Through the self-evolution of blockchain technology brought by Bitcoin, more importantly, the demonstration effect of integrating applications with more emerging technologies, the emerging value Internet format featuring “peer-to-peer credibility” will gradually appear. It can't be said that it completely replaces the traditional format, but it can be done to resist the court and even become the mainstream. This new world of "value Internet", which is still white, allows you to make full use of this new opportunity brought by blockchain technology beyond the traditional Internet continent, which is already mature and surrounded by the enclave. It is the most important.

Last year's Wuzhen Conference let everyone "see the future", and look forward to this year's Wuzhen event to break the "bounded" squatting city, bringing a clearer solution to the application of blockchain!

2019 World Blockchain Conference· Wuzhen official website: https://www.8btc.com/wbc-2019/