Hangzhou Party Committee Secretary likes the blockchain: the number of our head enterprises is the third in the country

On November 2nd, the third (2019) Qiantangjiang Forum opened at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. The theme of this forum is “The Integration of the Yangtze River Delta: The New Mission of Finance, Technology and Industry”.

Zhou Jiangyong, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, said at the forum that in 2018, the city's GDP reached 1.35 trillion yuan, ranking 10th in the country's large and medium-sized cities. The ratio of the digital economy to the total value of production has exceeded four points. One of them contributes more than 50% to economic growth. Adhering to technology empowerment and digital driving, Hangzhou Financial Technology has obvious first-mover advantages and high-end talent resources. Major innovations in the areas of blockchain, big data center, and smart investment have emerged, and the number of head enterprises in the blockchain ranks third in the country.

He also pointed out that "Ant Jinfu has ranked first in the list of global financial technology companies for three consecutive years. We will strengthen the docking of capital and capital, and accelerate the deep application of core technologies such as blockchain in the financial field. Infiltration, diffusion and transfer continue to generate new formats, new models, new scenarios, and continue to innovate financial organizations, products and services, further prosper financial markets, and promote the development of Hangzhou's financial industry, such as the Qiantang tide.


Photo: Zhou Jiangyong, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Committee

On October 24th, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, stressed at the Politburo study meeting that the integration and application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation. Since then, there has been an unprecedented wave of blockchains across the country.

“The sea is wide and the waves are thundering, and the Qiantang tide is coming from the sky”. Hangzhou’s attention to the blockchain began with the “Opinions on Promoting the Construction of the Qiantang River Financial Harbour” issued on December 23, 2016. The opinion at the time pointed out that

Effectively gather various financial institutions, wealth management institutions, new financial institutions, and financial technology companies such as financial big data, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and Internet credit reporting.

After three years of development, the comprehensive strength of the Hangzhou blockchain head enterprise has been in the forefront of the country. According to Babbitt statistics, the current Hangzhou blockchain head enterprises include:

Leading blockchain chip and hardware supplier in China:

·Jia Nan Zhi Zhi (the top three chip manufacturing and mining machine manufacturers in the country)

·Wingbit (Yibang Communication, the top five mining machine manufacturer in China) China's leading blockchain integrated service platform:

· Babbitt (domestic leading blockchain integrated service platform, covering media, Baas platform – Bystack, mining pool and other business systems)

· Ant blockchain (Ant Jinfu, domestic leading Baas platform, secure computing platform, blockchain traceability solution, trusted deposit certificate)

· China Banknote Blockchain Technology Research Institute (covering legal digital currency + blockchain, digital identity, blockchain deposit certificate, leading in anti-counterfeiting traceability) Leading blockchain solution provider in China:

·Fun chain technology (domestic alliance chain application tools, development platform, industry solution company; leading in the field of bank + blockchain)

·Cloud-like blockchain (blockchain infrastructure, industry solutions)

·The secret technology (blockchain infrastructure, mining pool)

·Daqin Technology (blockchain deposit certificate, security, computing power custody)

· Rongzhi Technology (owned by China's leading blockchain wallet provider imToken)

· Complex beauty technology (Baas platform, basic tools, custom module development) From hardware/computing power to underlying technology development to industry applications, investment, and ancillary services, “all the blockchain services you want can be found in Hangzhou.”

As the application of blockchain technology penetrates into digital finance, Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, digital asset trading and other fields, the blockchain competition between cities will become increasingly fierce. Hangzhou is a world famous cultural city and ecology. The capital of civilization, the city of innovation and vitality, the empowerment of the blockchain will help Hangzhou to build an international financial technology center and become the first city in China's digital economy.