EIDOS air disaster and EOS ecology, head players 薅 wool revenue may have broken through a million yuan

According to DAppTotal.com data, as of now, since the launch of EIDOS airdrop, the number of 24 H active users has been 1,260, the 24H transaction volume has reached 1.89 million times, and the 24 H transaction volume has been 1,770 EOS. Its madness far exceeds the existing applications of EOS DApp, such as Dice, HashBaby, and EOS Knights. According to DAppTotal data analyst analysis, as of now, in the case of transactions with blocking delays, the player transferred a total of 35.83 million times to the eidosonecoin account, of which up to 95% of the transactions were 0.0001 EOS transfers, in addition to the total EIDOS tokens. 3.39 million, assuming that the first friend of the 薅 wool income list sells all EIDOS tokens at a high level, the amount of income in one day may reach millions.