Vice President of Calibra Products: Unable to decide when Libra will be released, this is the Libra Association

Kebra Weil, vice president of product and Libra co-founder, talked about Calibra and Libra in an interview. When asked if Calibra and the Libra blockchain will be released at the same time, Weil said: "The Libra Association is now fully formed and Facebook is one of the 21 members. We have exactly the same powers and voting responsibilities as the other 20 members. And decision-making responsibility. So we, as Facebook, as Calibra, can't decide when Libra releases the blockchain – this is actually Libra's decision. From the perspective of Calibra building a wallet, we urgently need to make sure our products are ready. Ok, because we don't actually know when the blockchain will be released. There is a lot of work to do now, and we are preparing to do everything in the future by 2020, but these are actually two separate things."