Exploring the value of blockchain application (1): How to change the collaborative relationship?

With the country's admiration for blockchain technology, thousands of households have begun to pay attention to this technology. For most small businesses, the blockchain seems to be far away from itself, but if you don't use this vent, break through traditional production. The model will face the risk of being eliminated by the times.

When I mentioned the blockchain technology, I emphasized that the blockchain technology needs to be deeply integrated with the industrial economy. In just a few minutes, everyone should pay attention to it. How can blockchain technology achieve social value? ?

Regarding the application value of blockchain technology, Xiaobian will answer from the four aspects of collaboration, sharing, deposit and trust, and combine with our actual life scene. In this article, we will talk about cooperation first. Talk about the application value of blockchain.

I. Collaboration in social relations

In recent years, with the pursuit of efficient work and life, most people give up ineffective social, then, what is effective social? For example, people can have peer-to-peer resource swaps, or choose long-term relationships because of business dealings, such as social relationships related to their own interests, called "effective socialization. ".

There are still a few days left in the shopping festival of the National Carnival. All the group chats and friends of the social platform have begun to appear in a crazy way. "Friends help build the building" and "Amoy the password to divide the 2 billion red envelopes". At this moment, For your help, you can click on the Taobao password to share the red envelope friends, is the "effective social" group around us.

Under the development of the mobile Internet, e-commerce has risen rapidly. Now, when you open a circle of friends, you will find that 80% of people are advertising to do sideline business, and between people, the consideration of social relations, I don’t stop at the spiritual level, but the mutual cooperation of real life. For example, I need you to help me fight the price. You spend a few minutes to help me cut a knife. This kind of cooperation is more than The mouth is flattering and saying "you know me" is more realistic.

From the initial portal, traffic has quickly penetrated into our lives, and subsequent marketing, social, and content-based marketing methods are rapidly changing people's social relationships. In terms of the current private traffic market, one The blogger who plays the little red book, with about 1,000 fans, can earn a certain income by releasing product notes. This shows that under the traffic dividend, personal value is gradually enlarged.

Someone once commented on blockchain technology: "The blockchain is the gameplay of Chinese netizens' V-group." In fact, in the blockchain community to release relevant information, whether it is news or articles, etc., can get a certain amount of compensation, we can not deny that how many blockchain communities a person has, can achieve personal Maximizing value is one of the application methods for achieving consensus in blockchain technology.

Second, blockchain thinking brings new business models

From the perspective of the current development of blockchain technology, blockchain technology is not just the need for all enterprises to upgrade quickly . The use of blockchain thinking is the era for enterprises to enter digital upgrade.

With the help of the Internet sinking market, the “spelt group” model has become a dark horse in the e-commerce industry, so that most e-commerce companies have begun to follow suit. According to the relevant data, Taobao has launched the Taobao special edition APP for the 6-day contending AppStore total list (free), application (free), shopping (free) three first, this special edition is the most The key to attracting users is to receive red envelopes and save money, and firmly grasp the user's shopping needs.

According to the development of all APPs on the Internet, many applications are short-lived, short-term profit, and can not bring long-term and lasting benefits, early money, late losses, such cases are countless, such as a group buying platform and Users of third-party taxi software battled, burned money to grab users, and finally one party chose to quit.

It can be seen that in these economic activities, blockchain thinking is needed to change the business model, and how to motivate users to output value for the enterprise for a long time. Take the early bitcoin as an example, it is a self-operating organization. All miners gain economic benefits through mining. For the current Internet, the self-operating organization and Token incentive settings allow users to continuously output value.

In terms of the economics of the pass, Token is an incentive mechanism to improve the activity of self-operating organizations. However, in the early stage of blockchain technology development, many speculators use the technology to speculate on “Token”, which is not practical. Social value, Token's issuance, should avoid two factors, one is to issue Token for financing, and the other is to allow “Token” to have value-added space for investment.

Then, the most important value of Token is the distribution medium that exerts value in all economic activities. In the blockchain 2.0 phase, Ethereum has been widely used for smart contracts. At this time, Dapp, which was proposed, became the biggest competitor of the App. The difference between the two is that APP is produced under the development of Internet technology. There is a centralized management problem; another Dapp is generated under the development of blockchain technology. In different Dapps, there will be a token of value circulation. This token can be points, tokens, etc., people are playing. When Dapp is used, you can get a certain Token in the case of entertainment. Token can be transformed into the economic return of our participation in this project, in order to achieve Dapp's long-term ecological cycle.

As of now, there is no Super Dapp in the blockchain market. The main reason is that people's application and exploration of Token is not mature enough. Token, which can really exert its application value, can make a super Dapp active in the user community for a long time. Its main role is to motivate users to participate and reach a consensus, which is quite different from the app in the Internet market. What is needed is to realize long-term benefits through technological advantages.

Third, prevent blockchain "hype"

On the whole, this time the blockchain technology is the most prominent performance. It is not that a certain company has broken through the blockchain technology, but the A-shares have skyrocketed and bitcoin has risen! According to related reports, the market value of blockchain concept stocks soared by 160 billion a day.

This status quo seems to reproduce some of the traditional enterprises that used the concept of blockchain in the beginning, and it is enough to fight for hot spots. Only the final technology is difficult to land, and it has become a chicken feather.

From the perspective of the changing economic behavior of users, short-term profitability can not meet their actual needs, and only the long-term continuous increase in revenue is the core of the cooperative relationship changed by blockchain technology.

Therefore, before we can see the future trend of the blockchain technology to enable the real economy, we need to clearly understand that the state's support for blockchain technology is based on the application scenarios of deep integration of technology and industry, not With the use of Token for financing or appreciation of Token's value in the “hype market”, these behaviors are essentially the same as the Internet era, and the way of entrepreneurship is similar, and can not be called subversive technology.

For the current blockchain technology, whether it is a small business or a large enterprise, if you want to become a leader in the future blockchain market, you need to consider it, starting from the blockchain thinking and combining the traditional enterprise for many years. Development experience, to design a comprehensive incentive mechanism, let Token play the application value, and truly optimize the collaborative relationship, which can promote the wider application of blockchain technology.

We can't deny the power of technology to bring about independent innovation, but we must guard against the traps that the technology has brought before it is mature.