People's Daily: Blockchain, the breakthrough of overtaking

On November 4th, the People’s Daily published the article “Blockchain, Breakthrough of Overtaking and Overtaking”. The article said that there is nothing wrong with the development of the blockchain, but it is necessary to avoid the slamming and repeated construction in order to open up the development of blockchain in orderly competition. China has a good foundation in the blockchain field. Some large Internet companies have long been deployed. More than 20 provinces have introduced policies to promote the blockchain industry. The talent pool is relatively abundant, and the application scenarios are relatively rich. It is fully qualified in this new competition. The road took the lead. From a larger perspective, human beings can develop modern civilization because of the effective cooperation between large-scale people. The "invisible hand" of the market economy has also achieved the division of labor and cooperation in human society through market mechanisms. On this basis, blockchain technology will greatly expand the breadth and depth of human collaboration. Perhaps the blockchain is not just the next generation of Internet technology, but also the next generation of cooperation mechanisms and organizational forms.