China Securities Journal: Insurance leader accelerates the blockchain

On January 4th, China Securities Journal published the article "The Insurance Leads Accelerate the Blockchain". The article said that a number of insurance companies recently told the China Securities Journal reporter that the application of the blockchain in the insurance industry has reached into various ports, and several leading insurance companies have successively established blockchain insurance laboratories, and the number of investments. Ten million yuan is used for risk prevention and control of blockchain. The reporter found out that the insurance industry applied blockchain technology from the traditional large insurance companies, and gradually developed with the development of Internet insurance. Analysts believe that insurance companies have been involved in blockchain technology to help break through the limitations or pain points of the insurance industry. The industry believes that insurance companies can use electronic deposit certificates, smart contracts, etc., blockchain technology can run through dynamic pricing, insurance contracting, data operations and insurance funds, and through external connections, with regulatory authorities, and other Multi-dimensional linkage between the main body of the organization and the industry.