Market Analysis: BTC continues to maintain shock consolidation, lowering expectations

The market still maintains a narrow range of volatility, and everyone's mood has calmed down. For the time being, we have not seen any financial trends. I think everyone is waiting, so there is no good news, but I personally think that it is currently in the market. The location is very embarrassing, not in front of the village without the store, the longer the cross here is more unfavorable to the bulls. I still feel that the last time the BTC did not break through the three-month intensive pressure zone, and it is difficult to make a breakthrough upwards. Unless there is a big advantage above this level, it is obviously not, so I personally I hope that everyone will remain cautious in the mid-term view of the market.


I have discussed it with you before. The BTC still maintains a volatile trend. Every time the pull-up volume in the time-sharing chart has shown a certain shrinkage, this shows that the market has no new funds to enter the market, or the old actors are performing, the stock of The market generally has to wait until the volume of sales shrinks to the amount of land before it will once again ushered in the change of time. The era of stock game is like this. Once there is heavy volume, then the amount can not keep up where to go, and the rise is not Popularity, the target slowly returned to the bottom of the Yangxian line. Now it is still standing above the downward pressure line. There is still a chance to reverse the previous high point again, but I personally think it may be a false breakthrough. If the target is returned again. If you explore $8,900, there is a truth that three touches must break, so you should pay attention to the risks.


Regarding the view of ETH, maintain the previous judgment, or think that the overall trend of ETH is much weaker than BTC, or can not stand on the neckline of the bottom of W, indicating that the neckline pressure of the target W is relatively large, currently The volume of the transaction is not enough to form an effective breakthrough. Observe whether the follow-up can effectively break the neckline position of 190 US dollars. If it can make a breakthrough, it can make some intervention along the 5 antennas. It is expected to re-test the pressure around 220 US dollars. If it is delayed, it will not break through. , indicating that the market is far less recognized by the BTC than the BTC. The target is less likely to follow the independent market and follow the market with a high probability. If the target is re-explored near the $150, you should be careful. The touch will break.

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