Blockchain is included in Zhuzhou City's electronic industry planning

On November 4th, "Zhuzhou City Electronic Information Industry Development Plan (2018-2025)" highlighted the need to vigorously develop the blockchain industry. The effective application of IoT, big data and new generation artificial intelligence in the blockchain will greatly benefit the development of the big data industry in Zhuzhou City. According to Zhuzhou's current industrial base, blockchain technology will first be demonstrated in Internet finance, intelligent manufacturing, and Internet of Things technologies. According to the relevant person in charge of the municipal government financial office, the blockchain technology is based on its innovative characteristics, has distributed accounting ability and unchangeable characteristics, and is very suitable for innovative application exploration in the field of financial innovation, with particular focus on securities, payment, and industry. Innovative demonstration applications related to finance and other fields, “Welcome local enterprises to engage in blockchain technology applications, and also welcome foreign blockchain enterprises to invest in Zhuzhou.”