Research report | Libra is still on the line, the project development is hot

Summary of points:

1. The project has a high development fever: the number of Libra test network addresses has completely surpassed the Ethereum 2.0 test network.

2. At this stage, the target of less than 25% of Calibra participation is not realized; if the target value of the main online line is less than 1%, it is still necessary to observe.

3. The Libra Association's partner industry is highly concentrated, and the disadvantages of the payment channel providers after the card organization and Paypal leave the market are obvious.

4. Regulatory concerns about Libra's core concerns shift from technical risk to US dollars; meaning that regulators are beginning to consider the impact of Libra's release on the US dollar currency system.

5. The anti-discrimination policy and the renminbi issue have also been included in the scope of thinking at the regulatory level.

6. Both parties have concerns about the Libra project; the Democratic Party is more intense.

7. Libra will not conduct the main online line until the regulatory concerns are not completely eliminated.

8. The October 19th hearing was a successful self-salvation for Facebook, helping to address Facebook's “very poor” corporate image and the potential profit growth point of the future.

9. The hearing debate has nothing to do with the blockchain itself, but the future trend of blockchain development will certainly create more intersections with the regulatory layer.