Weizhong Bank's five latest self-developed applications will be officially open source in November

On November 2nd, at the "2019 China Open Source Conference", Fan Ruibin, deputy general manager of the Distributed Business Technology Development Department of Weizhong Bank and the head of the blockchain of Weizhong Bank, announced the latest self-developed application DataSphere Studio of Weizhong Bank. Visualis, Qualitis, WeTrident and DeFiBus will be officially open source in November, further expanding the open source ecosystem of MicroBank.
Fan Ruibin said: Weizhong Bank will open the blockchain, artificial intelligence and a series of financial-grade applications, and use financial technology to open up innovative capabilities to truly help partners to jointly build the future of distributed commerce. So far, Weizhong Bank has only been in the blockchain field, including FISCO BCOS, the underlying platform of the financial-grade alliance chain created by the Joint Golden Chain Alliance Open Source Working Group, and three independent research and development and fully open source blockchain application solutions: connecting the bottom layer The blockchain middleware platform WeBASE, the entity identity and trusted data solution WeIdentity, and the blockchain-based distributed event-driven architecture WeEvent.