Zhu Jiaming: It may be necessary to redefine the "digital currency" beyond the framework and constraints of the traditional "currency" concept.

On the afternoon of November 4, Zhu Jiaming, economist and founder of the Institute of Digital Assets and director of the Academic and Technical Committee, said in an interview: In the digital currency world, Bitcoin represents the original digital currency. The significant difference between digital currency and traditional currency is that digital currency itself has the characteristics of digital assets, and is closer to Keynes's description of the functions of payment, speculation, and storage. It is now difficult to clearly define digital assets because the concept of digital assets needs to be synchronized with the development of digital assets in economic life. At present, digital assets in real economic life are still developing and growing. However, he believes that the concept of traditional assets can be referenced and borrowed to define digital assets as a new type of wealth that can be added and traded, including purely digital assets and digitized assets.