Nancai Express Comment: Blockchain is not a hurricane, it will cover an ecological environment

Southern Financial Media Group today published a quick review article "The blockchain is not a hurricane", the article mentioned that the blockchain is a gradual construction process. First of all, blockchain is not a single-use technology application. If it is to play an integral role in social and economic fields, it must also integrate deep-seated information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and Internet of Things to promote integrated innovation and integrated applications. Second, the development and operation of standards is the key. The difficulty in the research of blockchain standardization lies in the need for multi-disciplinary interconnection and multi-country interconnection. Third, the basic infrastructure of legislation and justice needs to be supplemented. The blockchain is not a temporary hurricane. It will be an ecological environment that covers our business, life, government and law. Everyone will be in it. We want to stand in our own blockchain and take care of ourselves. Blockchain account.