Southwestern Finance University Chen Wen: Using blockchain technology to confirm data, or to solve the chaos of big data industry

According to the interface report, Chen Wen, deputy director of Inclusive Finance and Intelligent Finance of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, said in an interview that there are two prerequisites for data asset transactions. One is to confirm the right, and the other is pricing. The root cause of the chaos in the big data market is the ambiguity of data ownership, and the blockchain can solve this problem through data chaining. At that time, not only the problems of government departments, enterprises and institutions in the "preservation, management and use of data" can be solved, but also the data of all parties can be integrated to effectively solve the relevant laws and regulations of relevant enterprises due to concerns about privacy protection and data security. , leading to the dilemma of "want to use data to solve problems, and fear of using data to create problems."