CoinGeek founder refused to acquire Dave Kleiman's estate and considered the estate to be not a major asset

Coingeek issued a statement that its founder, Calvin Ayre, refused to acquire the Dave Kleiman legacy. In August this year, the Florida judge signed a non-binding statement stating that Oban and Dave Kleiman shared the BTC jointly mined by the two parties as of December 31, 2013. And the intellectual property created during the two-person partnership, according to which Cavin Ayre negotiated with Ira Kleiman on the acquisition of Dave's legacy. Arye's attorney finally concluded that Dave's entire estate was limited to the public key of the above-mentioned Dave independently mined bitcoin, and the private key may have been destroyed by Ira's excessive access to the hard drive. In summary, Cavin Ayre issued a notice that he no longer had any interest in acquiring the estate until there was evidence that Dave Kleiman's estate had any actual assets.