Li Guangqian, Development Research Center of the State Council: The blockchain has begun to integrate deeply with the real economy industry, ushered in the era of “Hundred Flowers Blossom”

Li Guangqian, a researcher at the Information Center of the Development Research Center of the State Council, said in an interview with the Economic Daily that the application of the blockchain has extended from the financial sector to the physical field, electronic information depositing, copyright management and trading, product traceability, digital asset trading, and the Internet of Things. , intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management and other fields. Blockchain technology has begun to deepen integration with the real economy industry, forming a number of "industrial blockchain" projects, ushered in the era of industrial blockchain "hundred flowers". The industry is generally optimistic about the prospects of blockchain technology. Li Guangqian said that China's blockchain industry chain is accelerating, from upstream hardware manufacturing, platform services, security services, to downstream industrial technology application services, to industry investment and financing, media, talent services, and various fields. The enterprises have been basically complete, coordinated and orderly, and jointly promote the industry to continue to advance.