Banking experts accuse Ripple of propagating "the odds of 6% failure in transactions sent through the Swift network"

Ripple was accused of erroneously claiming that "all financial transactions sent through the Swift network had a 6% chance of failure and required human intervention."
In a paper written for the London School of Economics, banking consultant Martin Walker questioned the claim that Ripple executives had repeatedly claimed that Swift’s funding failure rate was 6%. It is reported that Ripple's point of view is based on a paper published by the 2014 Swift Institute, written by two independent payment experts Kimmo Soramaki and Samantha Cook. However, the error rate predicted in the model established by the author refers to the accuracy of the model, not the error rate of capital transmission.
Walker pointed out: "In other words, the '6% error rate' is completely irrelevant. Ripple's comments on the error rate are completely wrong."