Chairman of the People's Network: Promoting the safe and orderly development of blockchain

The People’s Daily published the article by Ye Hao, chairman of the People’s Daily. He said that in the face of the new blockchain, it is necessary to observe and track its development, establish a rules system, promote self-discipline in the industry, and manage the network in an orderly manner. Ensuring that blockchain technology benefits the whole society, the premise is to manage the blockchain well. In order to promote the elimination of disadvantages, foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, and achieve safe and orderly development of blockchains, government supervision is necessary. Otherwise, it may be chaotic and lead. Government departments must not only become the makers of blockchain policies, but also become active applicators and scenario managers of blockchains. The development of blockchain is still in its early stages. Government regulation needs to be inclusive, prudent, focus on results, and properly implemented, allowing exploration, allowing trial and error, and creating favorable conditions for the development of new things.