Argentina’s bitcoin has a 38% premium

According to Ripio, the Argentine local cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin (BTC) has a huge premium in Argentina. As of press time, CMC showed bitcoin prices of $9,238; but at the same time in Argentina, Ripo showed that the bid and ask prices for bitcoin were 724,135.79 pesos (about $12,160) and 634,025.65 pesos (about $10,647). With Ripi showing today's bitcoin price (759,867.43 pesos, about $12,759) to the bitcoin price displayed on the CMC ($9,238), Bitcoin is 38% more expensive in Argentina. In addition to the price premium, Argentina's local bitcoin trading volume is also increasing: According to CoinDance data, it can be seen that the trading volume continues to rise, and in the near future it has exceeded 15 million Argentine pesos.