New York courts have begun trial of Mark Scott, a lawyer suspected of involvement in OneCoin money laundering

According to foreign media today, Mark Scott, an American lawyer suspected of involvement in the cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme OneCoin money laundering, was accused of transferring hundreds of millions of dollars from the cryptocurrency program to an offshore account. The trial for Scott began in New York on Monday, but it denied any misconduct. The hearing is expected to last two to three weeks, the first time three key executives have been accused of being suspected of playing a role in the OneCoin cryptocurrency event.
Mark Scott was arrested in Massachusetts more than a year ago, and the FBI accused him of participating in OneCoin money laundering and transferring funds from the program, earning many times his salary. Scott faces an allegation of conspiracy to launder money and another allegation of conspiracy to bank fraud. His defense of refusing to plead guilty may be that although he did transfer hundreds of millions of dollars earned through the OneCoin program, he did not know that it was a criminal plan.