BitcoinCash reminds the entire network node to update the client in time

BitcoinCash official public number issued a message that BCH is about to launch a hard fork upgrade on November 15th. At that time, most nodes of the whole network will run on the new forked BCH blockchain. The old clients will not. It is compatible again, so it is recommended that the node operators update the new version in time to avoid unnecessary losses. According to the statistics of the block browser, 59% of the BCH nodes are compatible with the upgrades in November, and nearly 40% of the nodes are not updated.
In addition, in response to BCH's anonymous computing power, the article stated that the other major mining pools in the power distribution map are well-known mining pools in the industry, which can basically eliminate the possibility of evil. It is not known whether the coin-printed pool will be hand-footed during the upgrade, but it is certain that even if the currency selection continues to dig the original chain, it will not affect the upgrade. The existing node update can ensure BCH this time. The upgrade went smoothly