Bank of Russia: central bank digital currency or become a substitute for cash and deposits

The Central Bank of Russia issued a report on the pros and cons of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). In the report, the role of cash is weakening and the world is moving towards paying digitization. This trend has prompted many regulators to consider launching the central bank digital currency CBDC. The report states: “From a user perspective, CBDC may have many characteristics that make it a substitute for cash and deposits.” Among the potential benefits, the central bank points to lower transaction costs and mentions that this cryptocurrency may become A lower-risk, more liquid asset that is available to the general public. When it comes to the main risks, the bank points to cybersecurity issues and whether potential users are willing to adopt this new currency. "If a central bank becomes a victim of a cyberattack, the entire financial system will be threatened, making CBDC too risky in countries where financial institutions are immature."