Secretary of the Party Committee of Fudan University School of Economics: To promote the development of a new generation of information technology such as blockchain in the demonstration area by means of the spillover effect of the Expo

The second session of the China International Import Expo Spillover Forum was held in Shanghai. Chen Shiyi, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Economics of Fudan University, believes that the Yangtze River Delta eco-green integration development demonstration zone should create a new highland for reform and opening up, a new highland of ecological value, and innovation. The key to economic new highland and high quality of human settlement quality lies in talents. It is necessary to cultivate internal strength and attract talents. It is necessary to establish an efficient and scientific talent introduction mechanism. It is necessary to use the spillover effect of the Expo to promote blockchain and artificial intelligence. The development of information technology in the demonstration area promotes the development of green finance in Xihongqiao and builds a model area for the development of green financial technology.