The market value of the blockchain in the zone has risen by one billion. Jingu shares: the boss and Jia Nan’s friends for many years.

According to the Beijing News, on November 4, in response to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's letter of concern about the company's involvement in the blockchain, the listed company Zhejiang Jingu Co., Ltd. (stock short name: Jingu shares 002488) disclosed the corresponding reply announcement. The announcement disclosed that “(blockchain cooperation) does not involve token issuance and financing related business” “(controlling shareholder, Dong Jiangao) does not rule out the possibility of reduction in the next three months to six months” “Company Director Mr. Kong Jianping, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Changan and Jianan, is a good friend of many years. Relevant persons of Jingu Co., Ltd. told the Beijing News reporter: "The owner of Jingu Co., Ltd. and the owner of Jianan Zhizhi are friends of many years. Both companies are in Hangzhou. As early as the establishment of Tweed, the company is convenient to locate the company. The application has exchanges, and the two often discuss the development of the new economy and new business. The cooperation can be achieved as a result of mutual trust and years of exchanges and discussions.” He believes that the application of blockchain ideas and technologies is possible. Bringing new breakthroughs to the automotive aftermarket industry.