He Tonghong of the Institute of Information and Communication: Blockchain allows finance to support manufacturing more

According to the Economic Daily News, He Baohong, director of the China Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data, said in an interview that the blockchain allows finance to support the manufacturing industry, mainly in several levels. First, distributed ledger technology enables non-commercial confidential data to be stored and backed up at participating nodes, solving the problem of information silos in supply chain financial services; second, through the transferable, financing information registered on the blockchain The problem of the core enterprise credit can not be transmitted to the multi-level supplier; the third is that under the blockchain architecture, the information system can constrain the behavior of the participants in the supply chain, and integrate the relevant transaction data through the chain, To support the authenticity of trade behavior; Fourthly, the addition of smart contracts can be automatically implemented when the conditions of execution are met, and the risk of compliance is prevented; Fifth, the combination of blockchain technology and supply chain effectively solves the problems of enterprises in the supply chain. The problem of difficult loan financing is to achieve financing and cost-effectiveness.