Nobel Prize winner: The regulation of digital wallet and the application of blockchain technology will help the development of e-commerce

According to the Beijing News, on November 5th, at the second session of the Hongqiao International Economic Forum “Digital Age and E-Commerce Innovation Development”, Nobel Prize winner in economics, Professor Christopher Pisari of the London School of Economics and Political Science Des said that the main condition for the success of the e-commerce platform is trust. He believes that the improvement of Internet technology and recording methods, as well as the regulation of digital wallets and the application of blockchain technology, will contribute to the development of e-commerce. In Christopher Pizarides' view, e-commerce has opened two important channels. One is that people in remote areas of the country can reach the same goods as big cities. In addition, some niche products can be placed on the counter. Because there are few people in remote areas and the market is thin, e-commerce has opened up this market.