New York Times: Data companies collect user data such as Coinbase, including IP addresses and other information

The New York Times article mentions user privacy and data security issues. The author mentions that some lesser-known companies are collecting user data (such as food orders and Airbnb information) and selling the results (ratings) to themselves. client. Sift's proprietary scoring system tracks 16,000 factors for companies such as Airbnb and OkCupid. Sift can generate files on demand, including a log of the Coinbase application each time you open the iPhone. Many entries contain detailed information about the device performing these operations, including the IP address at the time. Sift even knew that the author changed the password by logging into Coinbase using an Apple laptop in January 2017. The data mentioned in the New York Times relates to Airbnb, Yelp, Coinbase, etc. Sift owns the data because Sift was hired by these companies to discover stolen credit cards, identity, and more.