Data: BTC and US dollar weakened market share ratio continued to decline

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 18:00 on November 5, BTC price is $9,298.46, market value is $166,859.08M; mainstream exchange 24H BTC transaction volume is about $456.50M, which is much better than yesterday; BTC active address number There is a certain rebound, the trading volume on the chain continues to rise, the block time remains stable, about 11.1min, the BTC market value continues to decline, currently about 67.08%; BTC 30-day ROI continues to rise; according to the six data of TokenGazer official website, BTC The correlation with the US dollar has weakened, and the premium of the gray bitcoin trust has risen. On the futures side, the positions of the bitcoin contracts of the fire coins and BitMEX decreased, and the positions of OKEx increased. The ratio of OKEx bitcoin long and short is between 1.38 and 1.71, and the bitcoin elite short position ratio has risen, exceeding the long position; on the exchange side, the intraday BTC/USD Coinbase has maintained a negative premium for BTC/USD Bitfinex, and the premium range narrowed from yesterday. In the recent market, the market is highly volatile, and investors need to invest cautiously.