CME Bitcoin futures once "flashed down" to around $8,500, analysts suspected of market manipulation

Today, the CME Group's bitcoin futures appeared in the early trading session, and the BTC/USD futures suddenly fell below $8,500 and then rebounded to $9,300. This lower level formed a gap in futures trading. Analysts point out that Bitcoin often tries to “fill in” these gaps, but in this case it is done with the least amount of resources. Analyst Willy Woo said, "I can't believe how crazy it is to buy and sell BTC/USD in the short term. The gap in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has been filled. The transaction is light, yes. But guys, I highly doubt the price movements of all recent exchanges. Controversy than usual," contributor filbfilb said, "I don't know what happened there!" At the same time, Twitter analyst Lowstrife said that this behavior is a "good example" of market manipulation.