Babbitt Column | Career View in the Blockchain Era

Author: wind Lemna

Foreword: The lights in front of the Buddha do not have to deliberately go to the point. The most important thing is to light up your own heart lights, know your starting point and destination, find the way that suits you best, and follow the steps to the destination.

career planning

Since the opening of the Internet era, the work patterns of many industries have undergone profound changes. The Internet has impacted many industries, affected many industries, and has caused tremendous changes in the work and life forms of several generations. Many traditional work types have been hit hard, and at the same time, some professions that conform to the Internet temperament have quietly emerged.

Borrowing a joke in the workshop, "It is not Master Kong who defeats the unified instant noodles, but the US group. It is not the police who destroy the thief, but Alipay and WeChat." The shrinking of the food production line with the Master Kong is added to the street. There are countless out-of-sale brothers who walk through the streets, and the thieves face a more and more cashless society, but they have no use.

Under the background of the Internet, e-commerce, logistics, travel, payment, education, media and other industries have emerged as unprecedented careers, many of which are from 0 to 1, from the perspective of the history of career evolution, or new and new variants, or It is completely new at all.

From this point of view, the disappearance of the old post does not mean the expansion of the scope of unemployment, because synchronization will create a large number of new positions, nothing more than the need for new thinking innovation, training of new skills, and the construction of new knowledge structures.

Then, from the information Internet to the value of the Internet, the society will fully embrace and promote the block network technology as the underlying infrastructure, and the career evolution and replacement will be brought about by the transformation of all industries and industries. What?

Blockchain thinking

First, the root cause of the impact of blockchain on vocational transformation

The Internet's influence on career development stems from the flatness of the organizational structure provided by the Internet, the convenience of information communication, and the drastic reduction of management costs. These characteristics of the technology form mobility, sharing, cross-regional and temporal behavioral characteristics. . In the blockchain era, the root causes of these effects still exist to varying degrees, and there is a potential for deep diffusion. The difference is that the blockchain technology introduces a great application range of value transmission compared with the information Internet technology, and exerts the collective application of blockchain distributed ledger, cryptographic algorithm and general economic system. Behavioral characteristics such as irreversibility, decentralization or multi-center, no tampering, public-private key management. Combining these root causes, Feng Qingping attempts to interpret the professional changes that result.

The characteristics of the distributed architecture of the blockchain bring about the characteristics of decentralization or multi-centeredness, as well as the sequence structure of the chained first-order linked books, which is difficult to tamper with and irreversible. The former directly weakens or even eliminates the role of the intermediary, no longer places the system in the center of a centralized power, breaks it up and divides it, forms countless equal nodes, cooperates in competition, and plays in cooperation. The function of the unification of the intermediary, with the combination of distributed architecture + smart contracts, can be deeply integrated into all walks of life, the first should be the field of strong dependence on the intermediary, so the intermediate costs remain high.

P2P's architecture and tamper-free features have shaped the mathematical trust mechanism, from the extreme dependence of the traditional trust structure of third parties to relying on mathematical algorithms, thus urging the traditional world to lose its existence reason and weaken its institutions by providing trust systems. Its role, especially important, the development and application of the mathematical trust mechanism, coupled with the communication convenience brought by 5G, the massive sample brought by big data, the statistical ability brought by artificial intelligence, and the extensive The data collection source will gradually replace the underlying infrastructure of the society.

The trust mechanism is the core pillar of economic and social development. Around the generation, cost and application of the trust mechanism, a number of industries have been formed, and a number of giant companies have been created. Numerous professional positions have also been created, and blockchain technology has brought Subversive changes in the trust mechanism will re-engineer and reorganize these companies, affecting these industries, and creating career opportunities in new industries.

The vigorous development of smart contracts under the trust mechanism has made the subversion of the blockchain even more powerful. The fundamental feature of smart contracts is to eliminate artificial influence and manipulation, and to determine the information and contract content in the form of code, input machines, Define the trigger condition and execute it automatically. It can be asserted that industries that are involved in smart security and stable smart contracts will become an industry with obvious automation features, greatly reducing the demand for manpower. Just as e-mail makes the postman laid off, of course, the rise of smart contracts is the beginning of the disappearance of many professional positions.

Smart contracts are nuclear weapons formed on the basis of blockchain technology. Their power is huge, the impact is far-reaching, and the changes are fierce. As the industry progresses, it will bring intuitive feelings. According to Feng Qingping's understanding, intelligence The impact of the contract will be far better than the impact of e-commerce on physical stores, because the former is only a partial impact, and the latter will impact the industry.

Second, the professional imagination in the context of blockchain

The social change brought about by the blockchain era is a long-term map. The process is slow, the impact is gradual, but the impact is comprehensive. It is difficult to be partial, and the words are only in the form of Feng Qingping. As a case study of the government agency industry, a brief analysis of the professional scene in the context of the blockchain era.

Financial position

The blockchain comes with financial attributes, and the impact on finance is the first to bear the brunt. Taking DCEP as an example, China's forthcoming DCEP currency has adopted the central bank-commercial bank dual-mode operation framework. In layman's terms, the central bank is responsible for issuing money, taking the B-end, and promoting the promotion and user management of commercial banks and financial enterprises. Go to the C end. This is a more harmonious and euphemistic approach. After all, although commercial banks have a deep management of the C-based foundation and resources, the number of employees is relatively large, and the latter is the core element of the game theory between the central and local sides.

At present, it is necessary to introduce the market leading role of commercial banks. It is undeniable that the essential characteristics of DCEP currency determine the functions of commercial banks. In fact, the central bank can fully compete for itself, especially in the DCEP network, which will produce wallets. According to the data, the wallet is currently controlled by the central bank. Even if the future generation of the wallet is determined by the horse racing mechanism, the functional positioning of the commercial bank will be weakened anyway, and the position under the commercial banking system will be It will face a more market-oriented competitive mechanism, and cast a shadow of uneasy anxiety on the well-dressed professional image.

At the same time, in the payment reform brought by DCEP, there is a paradox in whether or not to pay interest. If interest is paid, it will directly affect the currency multiplier effect of deposits and loans of commercial banks. If you do not pay interest, let the payment represented by Alipay and WeChat Channel companies are facing an embarrassing situation. The DCEP wallet issued by the central bank can be directly paid without network signals. Why do they need Alipay and WeChat payment tools that are parasitic on commercial banks? The risk of commercial banks is much greater than the risk of the central bank. It is estimated that Alipay and WeChat in the future can only take a different approach, bypassing the payment positioning, and launching and breaking down the business of wealth management and investment, storage and loan, and participate in the market competition of DCEP's ecological service development.

In 2019, the Chinese government expanded its capital market to open up to the outside world. This is another far-reaching reform and opening up activity after China’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) on December 11, 2001. Although it attracts foreign investment, it also allows domestic Many financial-related industries are facing a pattern of global capital markets, and huge changes in financial markets are about to occur, including commercial banks, stock exchanges, insurance companies, fund companies, and financial derivatives service companies.

Along with them, professional positions in these industries, such as traders, insurance salesmen, claimants, bank counters, lawyers, accountants, appraisers, etc., will gradually be replaced by smart contracts, or converted into smart contracts or The composite role of blockchain ecosystem services.

Digital government

Government agency

If it is necessary to have a coin-free blockchain, Feng Qingping believes that the most suitable area is a government agency. The certificate-based economic system for rewards and punishments is implemented by the government's external chain assessment system, and only the distributed ledger of the blockchain is selected. Irreversible, open and transparent, can not tamper with features.

The problems faced in the management of government institutions have always been bureaucratism brought about by inefficiency, high cost brought by supervision, rent-seeking possibility brought by black-box operation, and the view of political achievements brought about by the arbitrary modification of data. Open and transparent. Sunlight is the best preservative, and lighting is the most effective police. Blockchain distributed ledgers naturally have open and transparent attributes. Under the premise that virtual machines provide real and reliable data input, many government management and supervision work become extremely efficient, and also show unique checks and balances. The distributed ledger of the blockchain is used as a weapon for the rule of the country. It will undoubtedly greatly avoid the false achievements of the data fraud caused by the local government. It also reduces the chances of the rights-seeking and corruption caused by the black-box operation, and naturally it is invisible. This reduces the need for regulation. The government's management performance is more outstanding, and the overall mental outlook of the staff is more compliant and healthy.

Take the poverty alleviation battle, one of the three major battles of the Chinese government, as an example. Relevant information on poverty alleviation households and poverty alleviation initiatives and progress are the focus of the work. If the work is on the chain, then the definition of poverty-stricken households and the standard of poverty alleviation will reduce the interference caused by human factors, and it can be consulted everywhere on transparent and open accounts, which will naturally reduce the non-standard operation of subjective emotional factors. Poverty alleviation personnel and organizations on the poverty alleviation measures and effectiveness information will also greatly reduce the arbitrariness and the ingenuity, and be more pragmatic. Government agencies in the fight against poverty, if relying on blockchain distributed ledger technology, supplemented by accountability mechanisms under the chain, the time is ripe, and even the ability to compile and set up regulatory functions contracts instead of accountability, will quickly reduce repetitive and Multi-level assessment frequency, reduce supervision costs and personnel costs, and improve the efficiency and authenticity of poverty alleviation.

The role of government employees with the help of blockchain technology requires more adaptability and dedication, and the overall occupational scale of the government is likely to be further reduced. On the contrary, there will be higher awareness of knowledge, professionalism and service. The requirements may eventually evolve into a global market for small government and big society.

Blockchain technology brings a new business model to the economic sector. It brings a new governance model to the government agencies, and brings a new governance structure to the society. In any case, it is closely related to each of us, and it is difficult to avoid. In which job position, you will inevitably face changes in the way you live and work in the way of blockchain technology.

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Third, the formation of the blockchain professional outlook

The history of career development is also a history of scientific and technological development. In the historical changes of the turbulent times, we have shaped history, and history has also shaped a group of very different people. The end of each batch of work stems from the shrinking of a technology. The rise of each kind of post is accompanied by the emergence of a new technology. The world is constantly innovating. We cannot refuse the new impact brought about by the tide of science and technology. Only through comprehensive acceptance, from the shackles of the old times, bravely step out, prepare and always meet the test of the new era. Feng Qingping believes that the impact of a new technology will inevitably mean that the moisturizing things are silent and sneak into the night with the wind. We need to maintain sensitive thinking, and master the rules from the inside and outside. The post-conscious person becomes a prophet and understands its existence in essence.

First of all, we need to realize that blockchain technology is not only a technology, but also a new collaborative governance model. It is a more passionate and efficient governance structure. Only by standing at the height of thinking, can we upgrade to high-dimensional to grasp and ready.

At the same time, we need to be alert to the constant change of coping with change is learning, continuous learning, daily improvement, mastering weapons, being a person who keeps pace with the times, a person with a keen mind, a person who does not leave the age. So far, blockchain technology is not an original technology, but more is a collection of technologies. However, some problems in the future will be solved, such as performance, privacy, triangle balance, and regulatory access. And governance problems.

Finally, it should also be noted that any technology, including blockchain technology, if it does not benefit the people and society, can not significantly reduce costs and improve the efficiency of social operations, is a plan on paper, without any Practical significance. We need to pay attention to the blockchain technology to bring us the potential and process of positive energy, and choose to follow, plan ahead the occupational blueprint in the context of blockchain technology.