Fun Chain Technology and Haier Yunshang established a joint venture company “Gangdao Intelligent”

The Gantang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture company of Fun Chain Technology, was officially inaugurated in Hangzhou. The company is committed to promoting the integration and application of blockchain technology and IoT ecological scenes with the core of “blockchain+Internet of Things” technology. Gandao Intelligent is jointly established by Fun Chain Technology and Haier Yunshang Property. At the Fun Chain Technology 2019 Autumn Strategy Conference on October 25th, Fun Chain Technology and Haier Yunshang IOT signed a strategic joint venture agreement. The two parties worked together to lay out the blockchain + IoT smart manufacturing field and build a new data-centric business model. The blockchain and the Internet of Things are constantly converging. On the one hand, it marks the experience of the Internet of Everything and the direction of upgrading of various industries. On the other hand, it will promote the establishment of a network credit system and value system to achieve the common prosperity of digital ecology and physical ecology.