This little brother traveled around the world for 1 year with 1 bitcoin, and also met V God, John McAfee.

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Editor's Note: The original title is "This little brother traveled around the world for 1 year with 1 bitcoin. Not only did he encounter V God, John McAfee, but also used bitcoin to go to the strip club…"

If you are given a bitcoin and let you travel around the world, what do you do?

At the end of August 2017, RR Hauxley, an architect in Portland, Oregon, bought a bitcoin for just over $4,700.

On September 1, 2017, he began a one-year journey from China to Ethiopia to Denmark. He went to 20 countries in total to spend this bitcoin .

The 31-year-old Haxley recently interviewed him from his encounter with Vitalik Buterin and John McAfee and talked about his trip to a bitcoin-supporting club in Bangkok.

Next, let's follow his description and take a look at this “Bitcoin Tour around the World”.

Why do you want to travel around the world with a bitcoin?

At the beginning of the trip, Haxley was still relatively new to Bitcoin and blockchain. What made him so excited that he subverted his lifestyle and decided to spend a year to spend a bitcoin?

Haxley told reporters that before this, in fact, he has been depreciating and denying bitcoin. The first time he heard that Bitcoin was in 2010, when a programmer bought two pizzas with 10,000 bitcoins, so Haxley even more convinced that Bitcoin would disappear because of government regulation and blows. Especially after the collapse of the Silk Road.

Later, the founder of the Mt.Gox Claims Group left and sold his own bitcoin for $600 each. "I think this is the direction of Bitcoin. But then I was surprised that Bitcoin didn't 'die' this." Haxley said.


Until 2017, Haxley heard the news of Bitcoin again from the news and friends. At that time, he said to himself: " It is still not dead. There must be a reason for not having to die. I will investigate. " So, Haxley went to Portland to attend a meeting and talked to the people present. Here, he not only found experts in this area, but also met a group of people he thought were the most interesting.

Haxley felt that these people challenged his worldview in many ways. In each of the subsequent meetings, he was very pleased to find that there are always one or two smart, insightful and challenging people from Hong Kong, China, Myanmar, India, and Ethiopia. This is part of the reason that motivated him to travel around the world with bitcoin.

One bitcoin used for one year

If there were no surprises, Haxley originally wanted to use a bitcoin for a whole year, which is 365 days – if his baggage was not stolen that day.

At the end of the trip, Haxley was stolen in a hotel without any precautions. So strictly speaking, he ended the journey five days before the 365 days of the year. Haxley said that this is one of the moments he most wants to give up – although there have been such moments in a year-long journey. "Although I didn't have 365 days, I can do this reasonably. I decided to go to the valley in the remaining days, and I didn't do it on the sofa until the 365-day indicator was completed." It was a small Clever.

This experiment did not require Haxley to use only bitcoin consumption. He knows that some people try to live on Bitcoin only when they travel, and they will find some places to accept such cryptocurrency payments. However, after investigation, he found that this is unrealistic. So during the journey, wherever he can directly spend Bitcoin, he will go and try to use Bitcoin to solve the daily life problems of the journey, but it is not a way to pay Bitcoin directly.

Haxley said that Hong Kong and Shenzhen in China are the easiest to implement. In order to ensure the smooth use of Bitcoin on the road, he first found some craft beer or hotel that accepts cryptocurrency, and he is actively looking for places to use these currencies directly during the journey.

A shop that accepts bitcoin payments in Hong Kong, China

The second method is to use BitPay , but this payment method was banned on January 5, 2018, which means it expired in the first few months of travel.

The third method is to use LocalBitcoins to trade Bitcoin, regardless of where Haxley is, and switch to local legal tender. Part of this experiment was to test its price volatility.

Haxley knew that if he used only one bitcoin to travel around the world, it would be a dramatic and adventurous journey as prices rose and fell.

The Craft Beer Hall accepting cryptocurrency in Shenzhen, Guangdong:

"My friends and family say that I am crazy."

Haxley began this “bitcoin journey” in September 2017. As we all know, Bitcoin began to rise at the end of 2017, reaching the peak of the market, which greatly helped Haxley, who had tried to travel around the world with bitcoin worth $5,000.

"My friends and married people say that I am crazy." Haxley said with a smile.

"Because I was trying to travel around the world for $5,000, and most of them thought Bitcoin was a bubble that would soon burst, and who knows what will happen? So no one will really support me."

Haxley said that his parents are not very rich, so even if he had any problems with his journey, his parents could not help him out of trouble. "So I am likely to be trapped somewhere. This is really a terrible idea. But it is also a very interesting experiment," Haxley said.

But the next thing made Haxley feel that life has reached a climax. With the rising price of Bitcoin in December 2017, he started eating good burgers on the road and was able to drink a beer. At the time, John McAfee advertised on social media that Bitcoin (by 2020) would rise to $500,000 per dollar, otherwise he would eat his own (automatic silence).

"If he takes his heirloom out of the adventure, Bitcoin will definitely continue to rise." Haxley was smashing himself.

"Of course, some people think that Bitcoin will always appreciate and choose to take it. And I spent more than a year researching Bitcoin and using it to travel."

The rise in bitcoin prices allowed Haxley to live a good life, and then what happened to this journey?

"Later?… Later, it collapsed." Haxley laughed, as if this was not what he had experienced.

The price of Bitcoin fell off the cliff shortly after the big jump, but my journey is not over yet, so I started using my travel tricks – doing a sofa ride or taking a ride.

Encounter anti-virus software godfather and founder of Ethereum during the trip

On this special journey, Haxley also saw the "anti-virus software godfather" John McAfee (John McAfee) and Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin (Vitalik Buterin).

I have to say that both are legends in the scientific community. And John McFee, the old man, said that "the first net of the currency circle", once tweeted that he did not like Ethereum, the reason is that … V God is too earthy, and thin and malnourished. Although V God as a small meat of 94 years, of course, will not care for the grandfather of McAfee, but in the eyes of everyone, these two parties are not the same god.

Haxley told us that he is very grateful to John McPhee and V God because they have opened their eyes in different ways. Haxley met V God when she was in Shenzhen, China. V God was the keynote speaker at the time. He was talking about CasperLabs and how it works. Later, Haxley managed to talk to V God once. In his own words, "V God opened my eyes in many ways."

"He is really very smart, because he is very good at answering my questions, but at the same time, I can see that he is thinking about a lot of different things, these things are more important than me." Haxley said .

“And how he combined his wisdom and enthusiasm into his project, that is, Ethereum, which allowed me to see the continued development of Ethereum and cryptocurrency.”

Haxley also said that even if rumors say that V God will withdraw from the Ethereum project, he does not think that V God will give up the project.

"Whether the price is up or down or sideways, he (V God) does not care about the price."

A photo of Haxley and V God in Shenzhen

When it comes to McAfee, Haxley said that he is as incredible as he imagined.

Haxley and McAfee had a glass of whiskey and cola. The hot topic at the time was bitcoin mining and how it affected the environment, and the media said it should be banned . And Haxley has always felt that McAfee is likely to lead a large bitcoin mine in a mountain in the northwest, so he sent a soul torture to McAfee on the topic of “bitcoin mining”: How are you? Look?

McAfee told Haxley that he would continue bitcoin mining until the last polar bear drowned.

"This is really exaggerating." After Haxley heard this, he came to this conclusion.

" But he opened my eyes from another angle, from the perspective of the promoters and the evangelist's point of view. " Haxley said, "John McAfee is a shrewd guy, but he is also a very favorite. People in the media, people who like to be concerned, he will choose to become some media consultants and say something outrageous to get attention," said Haxley.

Haxley and John McAfee

Preparing to make this journey into a documentary

Haxley told reporters that he is going to make his travel experience into a documentary, and even because there is too much material, it may become a series. This journey, which happened to be a dazzling bitcoin of the bull market from late 2017 to early 2018 (and subsequent crashes) .

Trailer for Haxley's Bitcoin Travel Documentary

Perhaps too many people want to see this wonderful movie. Many people have made a donation to support Haxley to release this movie, but since he still has to work, he has to watch all the shots himself, so he has to Postpone the release date.

Haxley said that in this adventure that is about to become a movie, there have actually been quite a lot of crazy and outrageous things, but in some cases there is no way to record it with a video camera.

For example, in Bangkok, Haxley found a bar that accepts bitcoin payments. After entering, it was discovered that it was a strip club, and some people were naked on the stage to perform programs such as table tennis. What made him most unbelievable was that when he looked around for how to pay in Bitcoin, he found that the stripper had a QR code on his thigh, so guests could tip them, one supporting Bitcoin and the other supporting Bits. Cash in cash is also drunk.

The full version of the Haxley Bitcoin Travel Documentary Trailer :

If anyone wants to travel around the world with bitcoin

Do you have any suggestions?

"If I also have a bitcoin and want to travel around the world, what advice do you have for me? How do I optimize my bitcoin?" The reporter raised a question that everyone wants to know.

"Then be a tourist hacker." Haxley said, "What I want to say is, enjoy and try it, because I did it. I like to experiment with LocalBitcoins, find people who can trade, want to know it." Will it pass or if I will be robbed. And I often use as a couch. If you hitchhike, sometimes it will be a little scary, but it provides a good material for my book."

Halex published a book about his adventures called "titled Stolen Wallets and Where to Buy Them", which was published this summer.

When asked, " Will you still use a bitcoin to travel around the world? ", Haxley immediately said, "It will never be. "

“It’s really incredible trouble to tell the truth.” Haxley recalled this wonderful journey. " Because I can count the number of nights I spend in a decent hotel with just one hand. When you have a limited budget like me, the risk of troubles and bugs coming to you will soar. Of course, I I also made my own efforts to prevent these things from happening."

Haxley finally said: "What I want to say is that if a bitcoin can reach the value of $500,000 as John McPhee said, then you can of course choose this type of travel. Because this It's a very different travel experience and a different game. "