Beijing Business Daily: BISS operating company is Speedzi Technology, the main reason for investigation is suspected of fraud

According to the police handling the case, the Beijing Commercial Daily reporter confirmed that the BISS operating company is called Beijing Speedzi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Speedzi Technology”. The reason for the investigation is mainly suspected of fraud. At present, most of the company’s personnel have been arrested, now During the investigation and evidence collection, the tentative is suspected of fraud. As for the latter, it depends on the investigation results. It is inconvenient for the police to investigate similar digital asset exchanges. A person who has had business contacts with BISS Tell the reporter that from the perspective of BISS's employment model, the violations mainly involve the following three aspects: First, in the absence of qualifications, the US stocks are traded for violations, and the second is the new model of membership system or suspected of pyramid schemes. In addition, BISS also claims to have an innovative business model, namely “currency trading” and “membership”. A senior industry insider bluntly said that this innovative transaction is undoubtedly bypassing individuals. There are illegal activities in the purchase of foreign exchange restrictions.