Changsha citizens were defrauded of more than 2 million yuan by bitcoin investment scam

Investing in the "bitcoin" in the network, originally thought that it earned more than 1 million, but eventually lost 2.66 million yuan. As early as last month, the public Mr. Peng reported to the Changsha police for a "virtual platform" scam. “I invested in Bitcoin on a network platform and invested a total of 2.66 million yuan. Now the platform can't withdraw cash.” Mr. Peng began to speculate on “bitcoin” on October 17, and spent 20,000 yuan to open an account on a network platform. Invested 490,000 yuan to the platform. Subsequent additional funds and re-investment of 1.4 million yuan to upgrade the VIP, and then invested 750,000 yuan. On October 24, Mr. Peng found the police immediately after the failure of the withdrawal. At this time, his account showed a total of nearly 600,000 US dollars, about RMB 3 million. Mr. Peng was full of joy and thought that he had earned more than 1 million yuan in just a few days, so he began to try to withdraw cash, but until the next day at noon, he did not arrive, and Mr. Peng, who was awakened, immediately called the police. After receiving the police, Changsha Anti-Electronic Fraud Center immediately carried out the investigation and handling of funds, and stopped the payment of more than 2.4 million yuan of bank card funds. However, due to the complicated flow of funds, the ownership of funds is still unclear. At present, the anti-electro-fraud center is still conducting research and analysis.